Remnants of Humanity S2E2 "Aerogen"

Remnants of Humanity S2E2 "Aerogen"

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Saturday, February 22, 2020 at 11 AM – 7 PM
2 Mille Roches Rd, South Stormont, ON K0C, Canada


Welcome to the second game of 2020 for "Remnants for Humanity".

We are returning to the South Stormont Community Hall.

The kitchen will be off limits during event but items may be stored in the fridge and retrieved by members of the storyteller team if clearly labelled.

Pre-registration is open March 1 - 19. To preregister, please add this to your cart, pay for event and email a copy of your character to 

You may also email logistics for assistance in building your character.

Details Needed:
Character Name:
Skills Chosen:
Mutations Chosen:
Starting Resources:
Starting Weapon:

*We will not be printing character cards for you. Please have a copy with you either printed or saved to your phone.*

Preregistered: $35
Not Preregistered: $40

Note: Any funds gathered above covering our site fee are being put aside into a land fund. We have a few properties in mind, but happily will accept tips. Email if you have any leads