We believe in creating flexible and easy-to-learn LARP systems.

No classes, Simplistic damage calls, just an open world of intrigue, customizable personas, and safe combat. Currently we are in year four of play for the Exodus LARP System core rules and our first companion setting, “Remnants of Humanity”. Our fantasy setting "Ascended Terra" Started in 2020.

Lead Moral Support Heavy Support
Owner, creator, storyteller, Chief Leathersmith and weapons guru. With over ten years of experience in Leather working, parlour, boffer LARP, and almost twenty years experience in GMing, he’s the primary creative force behind ELS.

They sleep, they cuddle, they mouse and they generally keep your ownership sane. 

They also guard the home base and greet visitors.

Editor, vector artist, layout, costumer, storyteller. Bringing 7 years of both boffer and parlour LARP to the table paired with over ten years experience in theatre and film, she’s the big guns in a small package.