Drexx's Tavern (Remnants of Humanity only)

Space limited in your pack? To tired to cook for yourself?

Let Drexx fix you a light snack, a full meal, or just a drink.

Drexx’s Tavern is a limited menu tavern for the players and staff of Remnants of Humanity.

Drexx (Dee) uses her years of experience in the kitchen to provide a variety of hearty and healthy meals at a reasonable price. Cooked to order, your food will be hot and fresh. Special diet needs, such as gluten free or vegan, will be accommodated, however, a 2 week notice is required.

Each game a menu poll will be posted on our facebook group Remnants of Humanity as soon as game prelog is open. This gives you the opportunity to plan for your meals and gives me a heads up to be sure I have enough supplies on hand.

To Pay in advance (PM Kaðlín Konálsdottir on Facebook to get the e-transfer address) or create a prepay tab at game opening and eat off your “tab” for the weekend.

Please bring your own plates and utensils, to help us cut down on the trash. Burnable paper and wood are available for $3.00 per set.

Prices vary per event, but an idea of what to expect is:

  • Drinks = $1.00 (Bring your own mug and get free refills of coffee during each meal)
  • Breakfast = $6.00 or less
  • Snacks / small mid day meal = $5.00 or less
  • Supper = $15.00 or less